In School or After School Coding Clubs

KidsComp’s In-School or After-School Coding Clubs in Dublin, Ireland are tech and computer coding club that cover wide range of activities such as Basics of Computers, Keyboarding Skills, Microsoft Windows, Safe Internet Usage, Mobile Apps Development, Photo & Video Editing, Web Design and Development in an interactive and fun way.

We offer a complete solution for the Primary and Secondary Schools. We provide experienced instructors and laptop for each student participating in the club.  


Students between 3rd up to 6th class for primary schools or 1st and 2nd years in secondary schools


10 to 30 Weeks based on Course selected


1 hour per week. Monday to Friday.


10 to 30 per group

In School Training Fees

€3 to €5 per class per student depending on Class Strength. Or We work on fixed price for each Module.

After School Training Fees

€9 to €10 per class per student depending on Class Strength


In-School training is a program offered by KidsComp to give computer or coding training to your students as part of school’s curriculum and within school timing.

Our experienced Instructors will come to your school with laptop for each of the student and provide training based on our tailor made syllabus, prepared by experts.

Fees structure is very minimal and affordable by the schools/Students and school can be free from setting up computer labs or allocate budget to buy computers and to hire resource.

Why Us?

Primary and Secondary schools may be very interested to offer computer classes to their students and train them on latest technologies which may help their career and future, but may not have proper resource or budget or infrastructure to set up lab facilities and to handle the classes. 

Our training offers a complete package to both Primary and Secondary Schools.

  • We have tailor made syllabus prepared by experienced persons
  • We provide laptops to each student needed for the classes. We can cater up to 30 students per class
  • We have well qualified and experienced instructors to provide training in school

Benefits for Schools

Primary and Secondary Schools have many benefits by hiring us

  • No need to hire a resource to prepare course contents. We have tailor made curriculum prepared by experienced persons
  • No need to worry about Budget or Infrastructure. We provide laptop to each student needed for the classes
  • No need to hire a resource to handle classes. We have well qualified and experienced instructors
  • We help students to learn and get certified by ICDL (most recognised computer certification in the world) 


We cover the following courses under each module

Module 1: Computer Basics, Microsoft Windows, Scratch, Safe usage of Internet

Module 2: Computer Basics, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Power Point

Module 3: Web Design and Development using PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Module 4: Photo Editing, Video Editing, Banner & Logo Designing

Module 5: Introduction to Python and JAVA

Module 6: 2D Animation

Module 7: Android or iOS App Development (Students needs to bring their own mobiles)


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