Android App Developer

Android App Developer Camp in Ireland are conducted in our training center in Dublin and Online using Zoom due to COVID-19 closures.

Start Date: 01-Jul-2021
End Date : 14-Jul-2021
Time        : 1PM – 2PM (Mon-Fri)
Duration  : 10 hours
Fees        : €89

What is App Developer Camp?

App Developer coding camp was added by KidsComp to train children from age 11 on Android and iPhone App development and publishing them. Help them to be an App developer and explore their dream and ideas of developing new Apps.

Who can Attend?

Anybody who is aged 11 and above can attend this camp. Strictly on or above age 11 or above as we write and create code and teach programming concepts

How many days for the camp or class?

  • App Developer camp takes 10 hours of learning. 1 hour a Week OR 1 hour from Monday to Friday continuously.
  • Please note it is 10 days for either Android or iPhone App developer camp and not for both.

What topics are Covered?

We cover the following topics during the camp

App Developer camp

Android App Developer

1) Introduction to Android Studio
2) Introduction and Basics in JAVA
3) Adding Images and Sounds
4) Android Features
5) Maps & Geolocation
5) Develop Android App and publish

iPhone App Developer

1) Introduction to XCode
2) Fundamentals of XCode
3) Working with Images and Media
4) Create iPhone App
5) Publish the app

What are the requirements?

  • Children should be aged 11 and above. Reason being they have to write the real code and understand the concepts rather than block-based program like SCRATCH
  • Children should be well aware of basic computer, keyboard and mouse operations, Copy & Paste, Opening different applications like Notepad, browser 
  • Laptop or Computer with minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Minimum i3 Processor
  •  Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS Operating system
  •  Browser like Google Chrome or latest Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser
  •  Broadband internet connection
  •  In built Mic or separate Mic or Headphone/earphone with Mic to interact with Instructor
  •  In build Speaker or separate Headphone/earphone to listen to Instructor training
  •  In built webcam/camera or separate webcam/camera. (Optional) for Instructor to help and guide children



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