This program is for Secondary school students aged between 13 to 17 and who have good knowledge and experience with computers and software. We provide courses like

  • Website Design and Development using PHP, , CSS, HTML, Javascript and WordPress
  • Android App Development
  • 3D Game Development using Unity
  • Advanced Java Programming
  • Introduction to Database concepts
  • Introduction to Coding Lifecycle
  • Introduction to Testing Lifecycle

The course can be taken either as an individual course or all courses as a complete package. We provide Course Completion certificate based on courses taken.

Creator course helps Teens and Adults to work as a freelancer and earn money from home


Kids Web development class Dublin Ireland

Web Design & Development

Any organizations, business or schools or personals need a website to talk more about them. Website design and development always have a better scope. We train the kids to build their own website using CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript and WordPress


Introduction to Python

Python is a widely used programming language and often regarded as a great “first programming language” to learn. It has special emphasis on readability and utilizing fewer lines of code to express concepts. Through Pygame, we use a game-based learning approach to teach and demonstrate the power of python


Introduction to JAVA

Introduction to Java is for kids aged 11+ or who have cleared all stages in Creator with us and hungry to learn more. Allowing Kids for JAVA class is purely our discretion based on kids performance.

Java is a popular programming language in wide use today, including Minecraft mods, Android programming, and the high school AP test. Throughout the class we will cover programming fundamentals including variable types, loops, and conditionals. We will learn the basics of object oriented programming by creating fun games and challenging projects. By the end of the class students will feel comfortable working on their own projects.

Photo & Video Editing

We always like to take selfies and photos or videos with friends and families. Make them memorable. Photo and Videos are going to be life long. We train the kids on how to edit photos and videos using software so that they look clear, attractive and memorable

We use Adobe Photoshop and Paint for Photo editing

Kids Mobile app training Dublin Ireland

Android App Development

Learn how to design, build, and publish Android mobile apps from scratch. 

Kids animation class Dublin

Graphics & Animation

Graphics & Animation is one of the major types of animation. It’s widely used for creating animated movies, cartoons, marketing videos, advertisements, educational materials, games, and so much more.