This program is for Primary school kids (2nd, 3rd and 4th) between age 7 to 10 who want to start the journey of coding. These courses are root in our tree approach model to teach fundamentals of computer and coding. We meet once per week and students learn basics about computers, how to use them, how to safely use the internet, practice keyboard skills and finally introduced to graphical and interactive programming using Scratch.


Kids Computer coding Dublin Ireland

Computer Basics

Computer Basics is for absolute beginners. We introduce the children to computers and computer parts, how to use the mouse and keyboard, how to use the Microsoft windows to open menus, applications, files, how to safely use the internet and practice keyboard typing skills at basic level

Scratch Coding Ireland


SCRATCH is an online platform which allows children and even teens and elder people to create their own games, animation based on their imagination, share them and play with other players. We teach Programming concepts and Logical Coding using SCRATCH for beginners.

Kids Computer Training Dublin Ireland

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is essential for any kids to learn all our computer programs and also in any office in future. We teach in an interactive and graphical way about how to basically operate the Windows such as opening a menu, opening applications, working with an application and saving the work. 

Kids Coding class Dublin Ireland

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is essential for children to do Assignments, Presentation by themselves for school projects. We cover Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint

Keyboarding Skills

Keyboard Practicing course is aimed to improve the typing skills and speed to type faster and with few errors. We teach basic keys like Alphabets, Numerals through Interactive video training. This help the children to use muscle memory to find keys fast, without using the sense of sight, and with all the available fingers, just like piano players do. It significantly improves typing speed and eliminates errors.

Safe Internet Usage

Children know the internet is a magical entity capable of answering obscure questions, playing games, watching videos. What they don’t know is anything about viruses, online privacy, phishing, inappropriate contents, cyberbullying.We teach in an interactive and graphical way on how to use the internet safely.

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