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Benefits of Coding for Kids


From self-driving cars to robot-assisted surgery to social media, computer science is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Coding is a fundamental skill that children need to learn so they can lead this movement.


Coding is all about implementing logic to solve interesting problem.Learning to program supports learning in other areas, like math, reading, and science as it enhances logical thinking in kids. Helps the children to solve real life problems.


It is incredibly empowering for children to be able to explore, code and create projects and show them off to family and friends.It builds confidence and pride. Helps the children to build a strong career and make them successful in life.

Our Approach

We believe that every student learns in his or her own way, not only in what they want to work on, but how fast and how much.

Our Tree is a visualization of our students’ learning options as they grow and a sampling of some of the topics we teach. Like real trees, our students’ coding journeys are unique from each other, but all require strong foundations and trunks to support their higher, advanced branches. 

We start with Computer basics like About computers, Keyboarding skills, Using computers and then we slowly let them play around and learn how to program in a fun way using Scratch

Once they are confident enough then we introduce them how to build Games, Apps and coding using Python, Java and Machine Learning

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