ROBOTICS Coding Classes are for children from age 10+ and who want to learn the Machine Learning and Robotics and Python. 

Who can attend?

Age 10+ 

What’s the Duration?

ROBOTICS Coding Classes runs for 24 Weeks/Hours. Each class is 1 hour of duration for a week.

What’s the fees and Payment options available?

€17 per hour for In Person class. Parents can pay for every 8 weeks

What is Robotics?

Robotics is a branch of technology that deals with the making, programming, and designing of robots. The objective of the robotics field is to create intelligent machines that can assist humans in a variety of ways. 


Robotics for kids in Dublin, Ireland is a hands-on and fun way for kids to learn STEM concepts by letting them make their own robots and code them. 

Robots bring computer science to life. Unlike on-screen only coding, robots let kids really see their programs working. Programmable robots provide kids with instant, tangible feedback by allowing them to test in the real world as they go.


  • Children find it fun to build and code Robot
  • Learn Electronics, Circuits, Connections and Machine Learning
  • Provides skills useful in future employment
  • Improves creative thinking skills
  • Improves problem-solving skills.
  • Improves computer programming skills.


We use Python coding program and learn Robotics

Course Topics

Please note all technologies are not covered during single term and we cover each one of them during different terms as below.


  • Introduction to Robotics concepts
  • Introduction to different types of Robots and Internal parts
  • Introduction to Do It Yourself Robot cars, Sensors, Controllers, Motors
  • Build or Assemble Robot Cars by themselves in the classroom
  • Introduction to Python or Block Based Programs
  • Introduction to Python Libraries
  • Program their built Robot cars using Block Based Programs or Python to perform different activities like
    • Track the line and drive by itself
    • Track hands and follow hands to drive
    • Identify Obstacles and avoid obstacles
    • Display light show 
    • Follow instructions from Remote and drive
    • Follow instructions from Mobile App and drive