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KidsComp Limited is specialized in providing Interactive, fun and graphical oriented IT training for kids in Dublin, Ireland starting from age 8, Teens and Adults. Our training centres are located in many Community Centres near you

We are parents, just like you, that want our kids to have a solid foundation of thinking and problem solving skills to enable them to compete in the world of tomorrow. We recognize coding is a valuable gateway to teaching logic, analytical skills, and creative expression. While it could sound boring to some, we know that it can be fun, interactive, and productive. We want your child to go home and show you what they have created.

Our teachers are energetic, knowledgeable educators with a desire to inspire and engage your child. Our staff undergoes in-person training and extensive background checks including GARDA VETTING  to ensure we have created a safe and fun learning environment for your children.


To provide valuable instruction from working developers

  • Encourage students to think big and build projects
  • Create a supportive coding community!


In line with the ideas of Digital world currently now

  • We aim to make a code-literate nation
  • Equip the younger generation with the power to control technology
  • Give rise to teenpreneurs and promote StartUps


A team of Visionaries made with just the right combination of qualifications, institutions, determination and of course the love for coding. It’s not just for a secure future or job opportunity, it’s about the thrill and excitement of coding and never looking back.

Sivakumar Ramachandran

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Stephen Daly

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