Our Advantage

Coding helps develop critical reasoning, logical thinking, and creative expression – it will be used in almost every field across STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

At KidsComp, we give kids a fun, safe and interactive environment to learn, create, and master technology skills they often do not get at school – skills that will be critical to success in the future. Through our comprehensive, project-oriented programs, you and your child will experience how coding can help develop logical thinking, creative exploration, and critical reasoning.

Our program was created to teach the complexity often associated with coding using advanced approaches that ensure your child quickly grasps the concepts and can successfully build on them class after class.

We also believe high quality instruction and engagement can spark a lifelong interest in technology and coding. For this reason, we always maintain a 10:1 student ratio (the best in the industry) because we know personal attention allows children to excel at their own pace and go far beyond the limits of an overcrowded class.


Personalized Instruction

Our 10:1 student teacher ratio is the best in the industry. It truly allows children to receive the attention and instruction they need to grasp the complexity of coding.

Specially Designed Classes

Our classes have been designed by specialists to utilize the latest in programming and learning methods. We have classes for kids from age 7 and teens to ensure comprehension and engagement.

Supportive, Safe and Fun Environment

Learning can be daunting – we want kids to feel SAFE, supported during learning and have fun when they come to class. Our small class size, engaged teachers, and interactive curriculum allow children to feel comfortable, safe and confident as they build their skill level from class to class.

Knowledgeable Teachers

Our teachers have computer science, engineering, and math backgrounds along with real experience in IT industry. They are passionate about computer programming and they know how to motivate children to learn, create, and master coding!

Project Based

We want children to feel a sense of ownership and pride when they create something using their new skills. We have designed our classes to be project focused so that in every class, your child will create something special that demonstrates the skills they are learning and mastering.