{Gamer Coding Classes}

GAMER Coding Classes are Classroom based training for children who want to learn coding using the popular games. Students learn programming basics and create Animations and Games using Scratch, Minecraft and Roblox

Who can attend?

Anyone aged 9-12. We have only In Person classes and no Online classes for GAMER.

What’s the Duration?

Gamer Coding Classes runs for 30 Weeks/Hours. Each class is 1 hour of duration for a week

What’s the fees and Payment options available?

€15 per hour for In Person class. Parents can pay for every 8 weeks

Course Topics

Please note all technologies are not covered during single term and we cover each one of them during different terms as below. Revised from Nov 2022.

1st - 7th Week

  • Introduction to Computer and Basic operations
  • Introduction to Programming concepts like Sequences, Events and Loops
  • Create Games and Animations using block based programming (Python)
  • Introduction to Programming concepts like
    • Loops
    • Variables
    • Conditions

8th - 20th Week

  • Introduction to Minecraft software and Minecraft Blocks
  • Using block based programming to
    • Create Agent, Mobs and Super Powers
    • Create Walls, Towers, Building and Terrains
    • Create Super powers

21st - 30th Week

  • Introduction to ROBLOX game
  • Introduction to ROBLOX Studio
  • Introduction to Text based Lua Programming
  • Design and Code ROBLOX Games
  • Publish the ROBLOX games

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the coding classes work?

Our Coding classes In Person running in different Community Centres within Dublin. You can check our Locations and join in our website

What are the timings for the classes?

Coding classes runs from 4PM-7PM (1 hour for each group) on Monday to Friday and from 10AM-12PM on Saturday & Sunday.

Classes can be attended Weekly for 1 hour for the specified duration of the course.

What is the duration of each class?

Each class is 1 hour of duration for a week (55 minutes of class + 5 minutes for entry and exit). Parents should be available 10 minutes earlier than finish time to collect their children

How to make Payments?

Parents can pay for every 8 weeks in our website

Click Join Class or Buy Now button below the courses.
Payments are processed by PayPal. Please choose “Use Debit/Credit Card” option if you don’t have PayPal account and wish to pay by Debit/Credit card

What happens if my child miss a class?

Unfortunately we don’t record the In Person classes. So if your child misses a class then we don’t repeat the class